Feminine Boho Tribal Pendant

Feminine Boho Tribal Pendant
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I've created a whole from disparate parts.  This feminine tribal pendant represents the feminine mystique.  We are tough yet soft, resilient yet we feel things deeply.

The pendant is comprised of:

opalized ammonite fossil

frosted pink lampwork by Bastille Bleu

Ocean Jasper dagger in an unusual transparent and pink cloud formation

Swarovski crystals in a light gold

Japanese seed beads in a frosted pink and opal

I used bronze wire to wrap it together and then Irish waxed linen to hang it from a vintage chain with a wonderful soft patina.

18 inches.  Pendant hangs just over 3.5 inches from the chain.

I love ammonites!  Their spiral shape of course, but also their ancient beginning.  Their fossils left behind remind us of the fragility of life.  They became exinct 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs.