Environment Statement Necklace

Environment Statement Necklace
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To tell the story of the Gulf Oil Spill and how I felt about it I selected a number of different elements. We're not going to let this happen again. We've seen the horror and are going to be watching this time to make sure our Mother Earth is protected.

Evil Eye Inspired Pendant and Statement Necklace - Breach of Trust

Materials used include: vintage mother of pearl buckles, copper sheet and wire, steel wire, lead-free anchor chain in gunmetal, shimmering piece of vintage amber, sterling silver lifesaver charm, Canyon Echoes lampwork bead, sterling silver clasp and beads, tiny bolts, annodized aluminum, wool felt and an acrylic eye.

The processes I used in this piece are: cold connections, wire-wrapping, soldering, felting, drilling, forging and stamping.

Adjustable from 19-23 inches.

This necklace appeals to the environmentally conscious, those that love steampunk, the ocean and just cool jewelry!

To read more on the creation of this piece, please go to my blog post.