Dark Rose and Blue lampwork necklace

Dark Rose and Blue lampwork necklace
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Swirling out there in outer space there just might be a being we could communicate with.  Do we want to?  This necklace is called Anybody Out There?

I was reading an essay recently about how we've been trying to reach outside our solar system for years now to see if there's any intelligent life out there.  The question is how do we know they haven't depleted their resources and have been trying to reach us.  As a young adult the movie that captured my imagination and I just loved was Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Richard Dreyfus.  I'd been really in to astronomy in school so this just continued that feeding of curiosity.  


* lampwork by Val Lewis

* druzy agate

* faceted ruby quartz

* Czech glass

* sterling silver saucer beads

* sterling silver chain and lobster claw

Adjustable from 16-21 inches.