Chartreuse and Purple Artisan necklace

Chartreuse and Purple Artisan necklace
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These two cabochons sat in the corner of my work table for months.  They were meant to be together, but I couldn't decide how I wanted them orientated.  One day they were just set like this and that was it!  I imagined how at the beginning of earth's time that all of the ingredients of life were just swirling around in all these glorious colors.  Then at some point when nature, a superior being, or ? decided it was ready out came these most perfect cells that all life forms drew on.

I think the same thing about how some of the most beautiful people come from a soup of every kind of experience.  They manage to swirl all those things around and blossom into unique compassionate and creative individuals.  


  • Atlantasite - composition of purple stichtite in yellow/green serpentine
  • Rainbow Druzy 
  • Sterling Silver 

Adjustable from 17-19 inches.

Focal is 2 3/8" wide and about 1.5 inches tall.