Blue Gem Turquoise pendant

Blue Gem Turquoise pendant
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Blue Gem Turquoise is usually considered gem quality American turquoise.  This piece shows you why with its gorgeous clear blue field.  I fell in love with this cabochon, because it looked like the edge of the beach and Caribbean waters. When I found these flip-flops I knew they'd be hanging together.  You know that feeling of kicking off your sandals and feeling the sand and cool water on your toes?  That's what I'm feeling!  This one of a kind pendant's name is Dipping my Toes!

The flip-flops are made from Coconut shell that's fossilized (become stone.) They are only 3/4" long. I've hung them below the turquoise on a sterling silver chain.

I've set the turquoise in sterling silver and hung it from an 18" sterling silver popcorn chain adds some texture.

Pendant is 3.25 inches from the top of the bail to the bottom of the lowest flip-flop.