Artisan lampwork necklace in shades of blue and green

Artisan lampwork necklace in shades of blue and green
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There are so many things you could wear with this stunning lampwork art necklace!  Long linen shirt, black dress, tee and blue jeans, sundress...  I'm calling this one Life's the Bubbles after a line in a song from The Little Mermaid.  I'm always looking for happy moments in the bubbles!


* Lampwork tube by Two Sisters Designs

* Lampwork disc - sage green with aqua dots - by Bluhealer

* Top lampwork bead is called a Basha Bead - Barbara Metzger, an artist in Oregon, was one of the forerunners of lampwork artists and she wanted to create glass beads that looked like ancient glass, like Roman glass beads with their inner glow and matte exterior.  She became known for these beads and they were sought out by collectors and jewelry artists alike. 

* Nila bead - bottom aqua and white one right below the tube one - These beads (known as nila beads) are excavated in and around Djenne, Mali. They date from the 12th - 17th century. They are found in clay pots known as “banks” that the people in the Roman era buried to hide their wealth. 

* Lampwork droplets in shades of blue, sage green and amber

* bone

* brass - vintage chain and finding

* bronze

This necklace is 28" long without a clasp.  The pendant is 5" long from the top of the bail to the bottom of the bronze wire curl.