Art Nouveau style pendant

Art Nouveau style pendant
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A vintage Art Nouveau style metal pressing with the image of a crane standing in a marsh became the inspiration for my fourth National Park pendant:  Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.  I was thinking one of our National Parks must have the Sand Hill Cranes in abundance during their migration and that's how I found this one.  I've not been to it, but I understand that the area where they migrate is not open to the public or too remote to get to in any case.  So I see them peacefully hanging out communing with each other and getting their fill of the marsh land.


* vintage metal pressing

* art glass cabochon by Mikelene Reusse - has fine silver dots melted into the top

* pyrite coated with gold

* sterling silver

* waxed linen

* 16" sterling silver chain

This pendant is 3.5 inches from the top of the metal pressing to the bottom of the glass cabochon dangle.