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Wind Dancer - Artisan Pendant

I get it now.  I used to joke that every concert always has the twirler.  You know, the woman that gets up and dances in the aisle.  Her whole body feels the music and she spins and dances like, yes, like nobody is watching.

I didn't realize how much weight I was carrying until I finally stopped letting a person in my past have an effect on me.  I'd allowed my spirit to be dampened.  Dancing is a physical way to feel one's spirit I think.  Now when I dance to favorite old songs I feel like I'm flying.  That was the inspiration for this pendant.

Do you see the tiny dancer in the art glass cabochon?!


Lampwork cabochon by Mikelene Reuss set in sterling silver
Sterling Silver charm - Knifewing*
Sterling Silver Rolo chain adjusts from 18 to 21"

The pendant hangs just under 2.5 inches from the bail to the bottom of the charm.

*Native Americans believed in many spirits and one was Knifewing.  He was half man, half eagle.  He was the ultimate warrior.