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Sunstone Pendant

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This warm orange pendant I'm calling Warm Nights. You don't often experience them on the west coast, but I remember playing in sprinklers and eating Creamsicles on many a warm night back east. In fact it was better to be out then when the day actually became more bearable from the humidity and sunshine.

The smaller stone is sunstone. It looks like it's made from glitter it sparkles so much. The larger stone is Australian Print Stone. I've set it in a cathedral (my name for it!) type setting as I think it deserves the extra focus. I love how it goes from more distinct stripes to a faded set.

Perfect for Autumn with its orange hues. There are stripes of mauve in the print stone, too.

As I'm hitting my stride this summer I'm loving my metalwork more and more. I've got really cool stones to play with which helps a lot, too.

20" sterling silver chain. Pendant drops about 2.5 inches from the chain.