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Sea Pottery and Sterling Heart Pendant

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Feathering my Nest is probably only first of a number of unique artisan pendants featuring sea pottery and sterling silver.

I've been reading a lot in the news lately about how the current generations that are losing their grandparents have no interest in family heirlooms. They don't want the clutter. They don't want the responsibility. That's leaving those retirees and parents to wonder what to do with the traditional family heirlooms.

I'm not going to pass judgment on them for feeling that way. Life is different now for them and I imagine they'll need to pick up and move more frequently than even I have (which is over 20!) for jobs and family. It just makes me kind of sad for those memories that are attached to family meals and passions. I treasure the items that I was fortunate enough to inherit from not only my own family, but my in-laws.

In that light I've created this new pendant I'm calling Feathering my Nest. I will probably make more of these with each sea pottery piece being unique, as I really am in love with it.

I created a sterling silver heart from feather components and dangled it in front of a blue and white pottery shard recovered from the sea in Alaska. It's blue transferware and with all the sea trade that was going on between Asia and the west, I'm thinking it is likely as a result of goods lost at sea or broken boxes at delivery. My family in Scotland were sea captains that did this type of shipping so it has a special connection to me.

Necklace is adjustable up to 22 inches. It's a lovely sterling silver box chain. Pottery shard is about 1.25 inches long by 1 inch.