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Red Jasper in Silver Pendant

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Urban Silver Pendant with Apache Sage Jasper in red - Red Desert Hoodoo.

I've set a beautiful cabachon of Apache Sage Jasper in Fine Silver in honor of one of our last great places. The natural organic feeling of the setting makes this a natural for blue jeans, but I like the leather and lace thing, so imagine this with a lacy white blouse, too.

Pendant is about 3/4 inches by 1.8 inches and the rubber cord with Sterling Silver clasp is 16 inches.

Red Desert Hoodoo -

The Red Desert in SW Wyoming makes up 6 million acres (!) and has these cool formations called hoodoos. The difference between hoodoos and pinnacles or spires is that hoodoos have a variable thickness often described as having a totem pole-shaped body. Oil and Gas development threatens this fragile environment.

If interested in learning more, check out this video: "Into the Big Empty: Wyoming's Red Desert "