Pastel Rainbow Shawl

Pastel Rainbow Shawl
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You'll feel like a princess or queen every time you wrap this extra-long pastel rainbow lace shawl around your shoulders and neck!  Think unicorns and cotton candy and droplets of a waterfall in the sunlight...  this one is extra special.

It measures a full 10 feet from tip to tip!  16 inches across.  Yet it is soft and light in fingering weight fiber.


From stunning Boulder, Colorado this luxury yarn is 80% merino wool, 10% nylon, and 10% Cashmere goat!


If not soiled, just air out and store with a lavender sachet or other moth-repelling herbal sachet.  If soiled, use cool to luke-warm water and a mild soap like Eucalan that you do not need to rinse out afterwards.  Roll in towel to get out excess moisture and reshape and lay out to dry.  This may feel like one you need to baby, but you don't!