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Navy Blue Earrings

Navy Blue and Clear Bubble Earrings - Fish Bubbles!

For those that don't know my family, my husband LOVES to fish. It's every much his passion as jewelry making and fiber work are mine. He's always looking out at the lake determining if he should fish from the dock or take the boat out. A couple weeks ago on a fairly sunny day he was standing in the kitchen looking out at the lake and started getting excited. He called for me to look at all the fish rising! (where a fish comes up to eat something off the surface and you see the ring it leaves.) I looked at him and hated to disappoint him, but it was funny. "It's starting to rain, honey."

Mouthblown hollow art beads
Vintage glass baubles
Swarovski crystal
Japanese glass seed beads
Niobium earwires

These are about 2 3/8" from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the bauble. Due to the hollow bead - these are not real heavy, but you get the dramatic effect!