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  • Snowball earrings
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  • Snowball earrings
  • Crystal Earrings

Icy Snowball Earrings

Only 2 left in stock


Fun sparkly earrings that will go with everything.

Ever been in a snowball fight? The stacking of ammunition. The strategy. The snow flying in a fireworks burst when it hits the other side. The inevitable stuffing of cold snow down your opponent's sweater.

These are not meant to be thrown of course.. .just worn and carrying those memories of sibling fights that were actually just fun.''

Fabulous vintage glass beads have smooth polka dots with iridescent colors against matte clear glass. I've added Swarovski crystals to the top of each for extra sparkle and color.

Silver-plated hinged and locking earwires.

NOTE: There are 2 colors of crystals shown in photo - a peacock blue and a pastel crystal. The darker peacock blue is sold out.  The lighter pastel one is the one available.

1.25 inches long