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  • Marra Mamba Tiger Eye necklace
  • Autumn Artisan necklace
  • Tiger eye pendant
  • Marra Mamba Tiger Eye necklace
  • Autumn Artisan necklace
  • Tiger eye pendant

Harvest Pendant

Marra Mamba Tiger Eye pendant

As our world becomes more crowded and monitored and computerized I think we are seeking a connection to Mother Earth to ground us. We plant our vegetable gardens in whatever space we have and seek a park with lots of trees to escape and reconnect with nature even for just a little while. When I think of the good old days it's not the accepted social norms of the time, it's the space and quiet to contemplate.

This rare Marra Mamba Tiger eye cabochon reminded me of wheat fields in eastern Washington, specifically the Palouse region where the golden rolling hills are blown by the winds in waves. The fields go on for miles and miles and I get a similar feeling as I do when watching the ocean waves. Serenity.


  • Marra Mamba tiger eye - This rare tiger eye is only found in the Hamersley Ranges of the Pilbara region in Western Australia.
  • Sterling Silver (I've set the tiger eye in sterling silver. The back is polished while the bezel and bail are darkened with patina to coordinate with the chain and backing for the button. I think it makes the gold glow even more.)
  • Antique brass button with wheat design was made by Industrie Parisienne. I've wired it to a ring so that the back is still visible.
  • glass seed beads
  • gold jump rings
  • bronze wire
  • gunmetal chain with lobster clasp

This chain is adjustable from 16-22 inches.

Pendant hangs 2 7/8 inches from the circle on the chain. It is about 1" wide at the widest.