Garden inspired Necklace - RESERVED for Carolynn

Garden inspired Necklace - RESERVED for Carolynn
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This necklace is on reserve for Carolynn.  I will cancel any purchase made that is not her at this time. Thanks and have a look around at my other pieces!

Floral Pendant features an antique carved piece of early plastic that was once in a buckle.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in a box of doodads at an antique shop. 

My Grandmom loved flowers both living and dried.  She had a cottage garden in the back of her home that for many years I never knew existed.  I tended to go in the barn or climb the cherry tree for delicious pie cherries.  After discovery it really was like a secret garden.  Not one you could walk through, but spend a long time picking out all the different ones that she grew.  


* antique carved plastic

* Wildflower Jasper in shades of cream, grey and light pink

* Sterling Silver

* 18" sterling silver chain

Pendant is just over 3.5 inches long and just over 1.5 inches wide at the widest.