Fireflies - Willow Creek Jasper

Fireflies - Willow Creek Jasper
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Artisan Necklace featuring Willow Creek Jasper and Swarovski crystals.

I find nature magical in many ways, but fireflies have to be the most! They're like fairies come to life. I miss them SO much. West of Kansas it is VERY rare to ever see a flashing firefly. In Virginia where I grew up there were thousands. It is just one reason autumn is my favorite season. Awhile ago I had the joy of seeing my husband experience them for the first time. We were out sitting by a motel's pool under the stars waiting for fireworks over Harper's Ferry. I watched him look one way then the other - thinking he was seeing things. Seeing the wonder in his eyes was magical!


Willow Creek Jasper set in sterling silver
Swarovski crystals (I show a darker picture to show how they catch light so well
Bronze branch
Antiqued brass chain
Sterling silver jump rings
Gold-filled tag

Adjustable from 17-20 inches.

Focal, including branch and stone are 3" from top to bottom. Stone is about 1" wide at the widest part.