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Chicken and Boulder Fire Opal Egg pendant

What do you do with a boulder fire opal that looks like a cracked egg? Why you create a chicken in a basket!

I electroplated the chicken with copper a number of years ago while playing. I had no idea that some day she would be the perfect size to sit on top of this gorgeous opal. I actually have 2 more chickens, but they'll just be cackling quietly in storage I think for awhile.

Electroforming is a process using electricity where metal atoms from a copper sheet are transferred to an object which in this case was a plastic chicken.

copper electroformed chicken
boulder fire opal
sterling silver
20" sterling silver popcorn chain

One of a kind pendant for a one of kind adventurous woman!  

This artisan pendant was published in the Spring 2019 magazine: Belle Armoire Jewelry.  I will include a signed magazine with the purchase of this pendant.