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The following pieces were featured in Bead Chat Magazine August/September 2014 issue:

Melika (page 28)


Ocean Flowers (page 37)


Summer Dreams (page 45)


Saffron (page 82)


Shipwrecked (page 83)


Sewer's Talisman necklace was the Bead Chat Spring 2014 cover piece!  See additional pieces featured in this issue below.


Two page spread! (pages 8-9) All available in my store (Under the Tuscan Sun earrings - middle left are SOLD)
Catherine's Bracelet was featured on page 45 of Creative Bead Chat Magazine January/February 2014 issue.  I created it for myself the year my Great Aunt Catherine passed.  She was a jewelry maker herself and loved purple and silver.. like me.

Page 69 of Creative Bead Chat Magazine December 2013 Winter White earrings Snow Drop earrings


Page 100 of Creative Bead Chat Magazine December 2013 issue Winter Storm - SOLD

Whirling Dervish featured on page 20 of Creative Bead Chat Magazine July 2013 issue
Mendo's Surfboards featured on page 31 of Creative Bead Chat Magazine June 2013 Issue