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Flowers can Make you Sneeze


Bouquet by Flower Lady


Who doesn't love flowers?!  They delight both in color and scent and support our pollinating bees!  

Sadly it's the scent and pollen that drives my husband into significantly long sneezing fits.  Over the years I've found I can have some bouquets in the house and he's fine while with others it gets so bad I have to put them outside.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sunrise and Wisteria

Wordless Wednesday - Raining in the Garden

Focusing on Life, Week 17: Color!

Iris and Poppies
Did you ever notice the way color can effect our mood and perception of the environment around us? 
Colors can elevate our mood or change our perception of an object.  Bright vivid colors can make us feel po

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Focusing on Life , Week 7: Beauty of Flowers

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i heart macro - New Friends

i heart macro - Finally Peonies

i heart macro - Pincushion Flower

Pink flower in macro shot

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

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Favorite Flowers come in Periwinkle


One of the delights of our home on the Olympic Peninsula were the number of flowering plants the previous owners planted that were in my favorite color.  I now know that no matter where we live I'll

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