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Creativi Italiani - an Etsy Treasury

During a travelogue I like to highlight artists from the country I'm departing.  This treasury highlights some talented creative Italians where art and fashion are often the same thing.

'Creativi italiani' by HoneyFromTheBee

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Wordless Wednesday - Happy Pills

Lump-teen-dozen and a-doo-dah day..

Thanks for hanging in there while I've been a little slow in getting out posts.  The next few weeks might be a bit light due to a lot of personal stuff  going on right now that's taking priority.  All good - but just stressful in some cases and time consuming in others or both!

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Expect the Unexpected in Italy - Part II

Although our tour included lunch later at a farmhouse turned tourist attraction we decided to find out what porchette was after our guide pointed out a little butcher shop.  He said the sandwiches were divine and a local specialty.  Pork?  How could we pass it up?

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Expect the Unexpected in Italy - Part I

... continuing on our Istanbul to Barcelona cruise, we stop at the port for Roma:  Civitavecchia.  Although there is a tremendous amount of history tied to this port most cruisers disembark for transportation to visit Roma or other Lazio regional destinations.

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It's been awhile since I posted a scrapbook page of our Istanbul to Barcelona cruise.  Next port stop:  Civitavecchia.

You're going to have to wait....In case you couldn't tell by her sexy demeanor, she's a capra, not a goat.

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Sunshine and Gelato, the Perfect Companions

The town of Amalfi from the sea

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Shorts and Salad and now Me in Capri

Our second stop in Italy on this cruise was the port of Sorrento.  We hopped on a hydrofoil and decided to take a day trip to Capri since none of us had been there.  This was another stop I had really been looking forward to, because I'd fallen in love with the images in the film The Talented Mr.

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