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Google Reader's Demise Means Go BlogLovin'

Who's Following Me? Only the Web Will Know

Mad Mimi Works for Me on Newsletters

I don't do them very often, but occasionally I'll send out an email to folks that have signed up for my newsletter.  These emailed newsletters are usually tied to something that is time critical like an art show or a possible seasonal sale.  I also use them to announce new products or deliver exciting news coming from my hive!

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Alternative to Google Follower Connect

I think all of us have had problems with GFC (Google Friend Connect) showing up consistently on our Blogger blogs.  Considering the scope of Google's tools and the way they are hooking everything together I'm actually surprised to hear the rumor out there that GFC may go away from Blogger blogs.  As I think everyone knows by now it's official that it's going to be gone from non-Blogger blogs very soon.

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Got a Kindle?

I don't know why this excites me so much.  Maybe it's because I can now be read on an e-reader tablet-like device.  (giggle)  I signed up for the 14 day free trial just to see what it looked like and I think it looks very cool!  The post formats well and the photos are there but in black and white.  There's none of the side bar gadgets, etc., as it's just to read the posts.

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