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From Etsy to In the Flesh

Tara and me at the Triton Museum of Art (photo by Tara Linda)

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My Simple and Quick Art Show Display

Honey from the Bee Jewelry Booth display

Scroll frames (Michael's); Dress forms and small table (Beverly's)

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Triton Museum of Art Spring Art Fair

A Day of Wine, Chocolate, Flowers and Art

Last Saturday I participated in the Opulent Art Show held in sunny Sequim, WA.  Sequim is better known as the lavender capital of the world, but for those that don't live in the greater northern Olympic Peninsula area: we're also a hot bed of creativity.  Amazing artists of all ilks live and create here.  How can one not be inspired with all the natural beauty that surrounds us, from the sea to the snow-capped mountains?

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Anticipation the Day Before a Show

Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry booth.

Tomorrow I'll be hopefully standing for hours meeting new fans and remembering pieces the returning fans purchased before.  The anticipation of an art show is a mixture of excitement with a good measur

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