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I Heard the Weather News Today...

Now I've got an ear worm of the Beatles song, but better that than It's a Small World.

Fog dripping from pipe.

i heart macro - The Flower and the Ant

New Zealand Tea Tree close up
New Zealand Tea Tree(
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  • i heart macro - and I Love Eucalyptus Scent

    Eucalyptus up close

    This one makes me dizzy!

    i heart macro - Gingko Fruit Edible - Why can't I remember that?

    Did you know the fruit, or more accurately the seed or nut of the gingko is edible?  

    i heart macro - On Hands and Knees

    Spider web with dew in grass - macro shot

    Taking a page out of my friend Kim's play book, I got down on my hands and knees this week to get a

    i heart macro - Wintered Seeds

    Red wintered seeds
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