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Pacific Northwest Guild - Studio Spotlight's on Me!

Another Blog Award!: Tell Me About Yourself

Did someone just make this up?  It wasn't me.

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Someone Thinks I have "One Lovely Blog"

I'd like to thank the academy, my kind and thoughtful followers, and Amberr Meadows for nominating my blog!  What a surprise and lovely thing to do!  I now must fulfill my duties and follow the rules:

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The 1 day Creating Handmade with Handmade SALE has arrived!

This is the first Love My Art Jewelry Cyber Sale!  A talented group of bead and jewelry artists have coordinated a one day sale AND a great giveaway package for one lucky shopper!!  

Coupons are required at each shop, but they will all start with LMAJ...

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Creating Handmade with Handmade SALE - many shops!

This coming Sunday, October 2nd, there will be a huge cyber sale being hosted by Love My Art Jewelry.   For one day only:  31 (and counting!) online shops that create unique handmade jewelry and handmade beads and components that go into artisan jewelry will be putting their collections on sale.  

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Attention Artists that Blog: Our World Our Art event is Coming Soon

Last winter I participated in One World One Heart 2011 blog event hosted by A Whimsical Bohemian.

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Waiting to Nest

Now that I'm on Vicki's backlog list for one of her scrumptiously wonderful nests, I'll share her with you.  I know that's probably very selfish of me, but who knows how long that list is going to get after you see them, too??

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I Won Collaged Art Cards!

All of the participants of One World One Heart offered door prizes.  The several weeks the event went on we tried to visit as many blogs as possible and leave comments on blogs that interested us.  My intentions were to get to them all, but I fell way short since there were 871 participating bloggers from around the world!  Fortunately I can still go back to the list

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