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D is for the Dogs #atozchallenge

Dog in Barcelona

Perro in Barcelona

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C is for Croatia on Etsy #atozchallenge

Our visit to Croatia was short this time.  Last time we saw Croatia from the Mediterranean side and were impressed by its beauty and history.  As always in my travelogues I like to take a look on Etsy to see what handmade work I can find made in the country we just visited.   I hope this will inspire more artists and crafters in Croatia to sell their work online.  It makes the world smaller and more friendly! 

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B is for Belgrade #atozchallenge

A is for April Fools #atozchallenge

Arghhhh has this been a challenge!  

Blogging from A to Z in April

Revving up my excitement to return to my jewelry studio I'm going to be blogging like mad in April.  
I'll be Blogging from A to Z every day except Sundays.
There are quite a few that have joined this challenge.

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