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T is for Toes #atozchallenge

...and my Total readiness to wear sandals again!

Paws and barefeet

Well pedicured bare feet

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R is for Rust #atozchallenge

Rusty Fish Sculpture
When I see something that catches my eye

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Q is for Quiet #atozchallenge

Niscene Marks Trail

Trail at the Forest of Niscene Marks State Park, California

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P is for Public Art #atozchallenge

O is for Otter #atozchallenge

Otter in Monterey Bay
Soon after I had my first home as an adult I promptly decorated it with all things otter.

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N is for Naughty but Nice #atozchallenge

M is for Motorcycle #atozchallenge

G is for Giveaway #atozchallenge

I know some of you were hoping that's what G would stand for!

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F is for Family #atozchallenge