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Just 1 of 7000 Bracelets for the Global Genes Project

My Blue Gene Bracelet was a joy to create.  It is a gift to the Global Genes Project and their 7000 bracelets campaign to raise awareness and show my support for kids living with rare disease, disorders or conditions. This bracelet, along with 6999 others, will be distributed to participating families in December 2011.

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What a Bracelet Can Do to Help Children

What affects 250 million people, mostly children, and is considered rare?  Rare Disease.  Over 7,000 diseases are classified as Rare Diseases.  Drug companies, universities, and other research organizations just don't spend much time, if any, on finding treatments or cures for these diseases, because when money is spent it's usually spent where it will do good for the most people.  That was not something the families of the children and adults with rare diseases are willing to accept.  Who would?

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Showing Some Love SALE

I love Valentine's Day.  It's not just the chocolate talking either.  To have a day where LOVE is the focus is the best idea anyone ever had, isn't it?  Not just romantic love is celebrated, but that for our friends and mother and father and perhaps co-worker, classmate or secret crush. 

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Red Cross' Haitian Earthquake Relief Receives Donation

It's that time of year where I start closing my books and sending out checks to charities that have benefited from sales of my handcrafted jewelry.  A HUGE Thank you to those who bought from me in the first four months of 2010!  Some of you may remember my post on the Haitian Earthquake, but for others that do not:  From January through April of 2010 I was donating 10% of my jewelry sales to the Red Cross specifically for the Haitian Quake relief.   I a

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Holiday Thanks Continues

Customer Appreciation Sale continues through December 31, 2010!

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Previous Customers Get Some Love

If I had a retail shop selling jewelry that others made and you shopped with me, I would appreciate your patronage a lot, a whole lot.

Carnelian, Painted Jasper, Ocean Jasper artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Painted Desert artisan necklace (SOLD) 

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Join me in Planting a Billion Trees?

Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula, WA

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Celebrating Summer with ArtFire Discount

Hot Air Balloon Pendant by Honey from the Bee


Through Sunday, June27th, you can get a 20% discount on all non-sale, handmade by me, jewelry items.  Sale only valid in my ArtFire Shop (now closed). Use coupon code "HFTBSummer"

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Trunk Finds Benefit Cancer Charity

By the time we reach 35 most of us are affected by cancer in some way. For me it was starting to hear about friends around my age getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

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April Promotion!

Soar (SOLD)

During the month of April I'm running a special promotion for my Facebook Fans. I'm giving away 20% off coupons!!What do you have to do? Be a fan AND write a comment on my wall.

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