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Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, but Words Hurt, too

Sticks and Stones bracelet

Sticks and Stones statement bracelet

For some my new unisex artisan bracelet may just bring back memories of that childhood rhyme: 

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G is for Giveaway #atozchallenge

I know some of you were hoping that's what G would stand for!

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Excitement Builds and Spills - We've got Two Winners!

Signed Geometric Beadwork by Jean Power for you?

Jean Power's bad fortune coupled with my good fortune means you could be very lucky indeed!

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Earrings for Cancer Thrivers

Blue Bracelets Bring Hope

Worktable Wednesday - Commission Work

I've got two commissions to complete in the next week!  Yikes!  I've made some progress with the first one that a sweet friend of mine commissioned back in early July!  She made the mistake of telling me to take my time, so I did.  : )  I used that time to waver between traditional goldsmithing and working with metal clay.  As you can see I decided to go with the metal clay.

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Who Won the Enameling Book?

Torch enameled pendants and charms

Torch enameling experiments

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Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #4


So glad to be more organized and you will be too!

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Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #3


My bigger studio allowed me to be more organized and unpack all of my boxes.  I found I had purchased some duplicates of jewelry making DVDs.  I thought I'd get them out of the house by giving them away!

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