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My shop is temporarily on Vacation Mode until early June.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.  If there is an item you really want to purchase, please contact me via my Contact Page and I will do my best to help you complete the transaction.

Always Free Shipping within the U.S. for orders $200 or more!  

Organizing My Fiber Studio

Honey from the Bee fiber studio

I'm finding the couch doesn't provide enough back support...


Another Blog Award!: Tell Me About Yourself

Did someone just make this up?  It wasn't me.

Gardens by the Sea at My Studio Window

Above is the view from my studio window.  I'm one very fortunate woman.  Inspiration abounds, but there's always something that catches my eye and sets me off daydreaming.  On a windy day like today I watch the waves go by tipped by white caps.

Treating My Treasures Like Gold

I think those of us that love beads love storage solutions almost as much.  And if they're super cool to look at and use I love them even more.  I've always wanted a printer's cabinet.  I've drooled over them in photos of artists' studios.  I've dreamed that one day I'd spot one at a garage sale and scoop it up, so to speak, before they knew how many of us were out there wanting one.

I'm Thinking of Going Blonde... What do you think?

My husband has always had a thing for blondes.  Since I highlight my hair any way to blend in the gray, I'm thinking of going blonde.   I think it makes me look younger.

Gift Worthy Green Packaging

As the host of EtsyBloggers' blog carnival this time I knew I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as spring off the Green by hearing what others are doing in our community to bring more Green in to their lives.