We are currently under a Shelter in Place order.  Until that is lifted and things have settled down I'm going to have my shop on Vacation Mode.  I'm sure everyone has greater needs at this time.  I send you wishes for good health for you and your loved ones wherever you live.  You can reach me via my Contact Page at any time.

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VIP Winner of Fallen Leaves Hooked Pad

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Autumn leaf hooked rug


Since I started making jewelry for sale a decade ago I've been maintaining an email list of collectors of my work as well as those that are interested in what is happening in my studio and creative life.  

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W is for the Winner! #atozchallenge

The odds were good for the 9 who commented on my Giveaway blog post.  Thank you so much for your comments and letting me know your current favo

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Signed Geometric Beadwork by Jean Power for you?

Jean Power's bad fortune coupled with my good fortune means you could be very lucky indeed!

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Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #4


So glad to be more organized and you will be too!

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Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #3


My bigger studio allowed me to be more organized and unpack all of my boxes.  I found I had purchased some duplicates of jewelry making DVDs.  I thought I'd get them out of the house by giving them away!

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Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #2

Studio Unpack Reveals Duplicates - Giveaway #1

And the Winners are....

Woot woot!I reached 500 fans on Facebook Saturday morning!!!

There were only 11 entrants to choose from so the odds were very good in winning 5 of the $10 gift certificates.  The winners are:

$10  Margaret of Splendid Little Stars

$20 Brenda of Naughty and Nice Lingerie

$10 Erika of Artful Rising

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