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Twentieth Anniversary Trip Begins in Istanbul

The travel to piece of this Mediterranean cruise is well worth forgetting after the zipper on a brand new piece of luggage failed en route to the airport and after the jet lag one feels at our age when traveling to a country that is 10 hours ahead and after spending almost 21 hours either in the air or in an airport. 

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A Hushpuppy by Any Other Name would Smell as Sweet

On a driving vacation through the Southeast a few years ago, I introduced my husband to crab cakes and hush puppies.  Of course he'd had delectable Dungeness Crab crab cakes from the San Francisco Bay Area growing up, but it was his first taste of Chesapeake Bay blue crab cakes.  He chased that first crab cake sandwich taste all the way down the coast from Virginia Beach to Melbourne, Florida comparing each one to that first one we enjoyed at a diner just outside Williamsburg, Virginia. 

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About Town - Independent Drive-up Coffee Kiosks

One of the things I really like about our corner of the U.S.

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