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Waiting to Discover Local Piece of Olympic Discovery Trail

Entrance to ODT from Lower Elwha Rd towards Port Angeles

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Wordless Wednesday

Spring arrives on the Olympic Peninsula like Molasses

If your pantry is cold, molasses comes out like a thick tar blob.  If you warm up molasses it comes out faster and smoother.  That's how I see Spring in our neck of

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If we don't Pause, we don't See

Fairies are Real, I tell ya!

Nature Waits for No One

The vestiges of summer blooms still brighten a corner or two.

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County Fairs are for Connecting with Your Community

Our recent county fair sort of drove the point home that we're still not one of the Clallam masses.  We've had folks look at us a little funny when they hear we don't own a tractor.  We're getting the feeling that to really be considered a local (or one of them) one has to own one.  It doesn't

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Port Angeles' Last Dam Summer!


"Long before corporations like Enron and Global Crossing made headlines with accusations of greed and impropriety, there was Olympic Power and Development."

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One Day in June on Hurricane Ridge

I was just thinking today about a morning trip to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park we took this past June with my brother, sister-in-law and youngest son.  They were only with us for about 48 hours so when we woke up and saw clear skies and little wind we suggested the steep drive before heading over to Crescent Lake for breakfast.  Where were those photos I took?

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About Town - Independent Drive-up Coffee Kiosks

One of the things I really like about our corner of the U.S.

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