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Hot and Sticky with Encaustics

Honey bee collage in encaustics

Bee collage by Janet Bocciardi

Napkin, mulberry paper, encaustics

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Sketching and Watercolor Journal Style, Lesson One: Fruit

vegetable and fruit sketch and watercolor by Janet Bocciardi
Baby pumpkin, avocado, and MacIntosh apple
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Little River Rug Camp, Here I Come!

Grandmother's Hooked Rug by Janet Bocciardi

Grandmother's Rug

Designed by Jane McGown Flynn; Color planned by Nancy Miller; Hooked by me!

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Focusing on Life, Week 9: Knock, Knock

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Spellbound Spoiled

Fiber artisan cuff

When I signed up for the Spellbound event I was in dire need of some f

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Beyond Layers to Taking a Leap of Faith

Channeling my Aunt in a Drawing and Watercolor Workshop


It's been three years since I lost my Aunt Nancy to cancer.  Three years.

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I'm Out of My Box, Help!

This year I've been challenging myself to take art classes outside my comfort zone.  In March I took a 3-day plaster class from the wonderfully talented Stephanie Lee.  

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Four Questions

This was new to me, so if it's new to you...  I recently received a blog comment that I had been linked to a post on another blog.  I dutifully clicked on the link and found I'd been tagged to answer four questions.  This was kind of fun, as it introduced me to an admirer through their blog as well as three other b

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Work of Art on Bravo - fascinating

Bravo's new reality show Work of Art:  The Next Great Artist is riveting to me.  I have to admit I had my doubts about a reality show to find the next great artist.  Don't great artists have to pay their dues?  Struggle?  Is visual art something that can be handled like aural art ie.  American Idol?  (Is aural art a real term?!)

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