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My shop is temporarily on Vacation Mode until early June.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.  If there is an item you really want to purchase, please contact me via my Contact Page and I will do my best to help you complete the transaction.

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Lampwork Rings

Lampwork and Wirework Ring

Rainbow Ring


One of my goals last summer was to make more bracelets, brooches, and even make a ring or two to add to my shop.  I actually wear more bracelets than necklaces so figured others probably do the same.

Many years ago I took a workshop with the wire artist Sharilyn Miller.  She was a student of the amazing master wire artist Lynne Merchant, as I was, but she spent more time with Lynne as it became a passion for her and found her own voice.

Bead and Button Show - Here I come!

Jewelry Making Tools

Tools to pack


My New Love: Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver rings
I'm back from another weekend workshop taught by the fabul

Hot and Sticky with Encaustics

Honey bee collage in encaustics

Bee collage by Janet Bocciardi

Napkin, mulberry paper, encaustics

Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style: Flowers

Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style: Continuous Line

This week in my sketching and watercolor class with Jane La Fazio we were to use pen directly, no pencil first, and use one continuous line.  You don't lift the pen off the paper.  When you get one done and it looks pretty good you dread doing another...let alone a third!

Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style: Greens

Sketches of Leaves
Since I was hooking rugs last week

Sketching and Watercolor Journal Style, Lesson One: Fruit

vegetable and fruit sketch and watercolor by Janet Bocciardi
Baby pumpkin, avocado, and MacIntosh apple