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Worktable Wednesday - Fiber Gifts in Progress

The most awesome fiber festival in the west was last weekend: Stitches. Frieda Scarf in progress

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Worktable Wednesday - I'm Committed Now

Hooked Rug in progress, Janet Bocciardi

I'm committed now!  

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Worktable Wednesday - Hooked Rug in Progress

Hooking wool rug

I started this hooked wool rug several years ago at an Asilomar rug camp.  After working on it off and on for awhile I put it away to focus on my jewelry and knitting projects.

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Worktable Wednesday - Finished a Cardigan

Worktable Wednesday - Stars and Stripes

Wool hooked scarf - stars and stripes

This wool scarf was a kit I purchased a number of years ago from Nancy Miller, a 4th generation

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Worktable Wednesday - Commission Work

I've got two commissions to complete in the next week!  Yikes!  I've made some progress with the first one that a sweet friend of mine commissioned back in early July!  She made the mistake of telling me to take my time, so I did.  : )  I used that time to waver between traditional goldsmithing and working with metal clay.  As you can see I decided to go with the metal clay.

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Worktable Wednesday - Things Get Messy

Honey from the Bee Worktable

Pull this color and that color

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