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Turns Out Butterflies Are Free!

Monarchs flying

We had friends come in from out of town and as will happen we got to do some fun touristy stuff.  This time of year the monarchs in the western part of the United States have traveled from British Columbia, Idaho and Washington to California and Mexico to find their food for the winter, but they are fourth generation from those that had made the trip north the previous Spring!  Imagine having to migrate 2500 miles to a place you've never seen and you're a butterfly!

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Wordless Wednesday - Taking Flight

i heart macro - Gingko Fruit Edible - Why can't I remember that?

Did you know the fruit, or more accurately the seed or nut of the gingko is edible?  

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Ack! Oak Moths Return!

They flutter around like sweet fairies, but they don't fool me.  I've seen them before.  In 2007 to be exact.

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Wordless Wednesday - No Sunset is Worth Missing

Signs of Fall with Signs of Spring?

Coots on Lake Pend Oreille
Coots gathering October 8

Wordless Wednesday - Bear on the Mountain

Wordless Wednesday - Smoky Sunset in the Dip

Wordless Wednesday - Red Sky at Night

Wordless Wednesday - Late Summer Morning