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Not Just an Otter Day

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

There are moms and pups in this pile of loveliness.  

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Focusing on Life, Week 9: Knock, Knock

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Wordless Wednesday - Renewal

Flowering Plum
As part of our renewal 
we need to fight problems,
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Focusing on Life , Week 7: Beauty of Flowers

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i heart macro - The Flower and the Ant

New Zealand Tea Tree close up
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My 2013 Pantone Spring

Daffodils just coming up

There are signs of Spring already in Northern California.  Our daffodils are pushing up shoots and rainbows are appearing as grey clouds come and go.

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i heart macro - and I Love Eucalyptus Scent

Eucalyptus up close

This one makes me dizzy!

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