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Where the Buffalo Roam

Coeur D'Alene River

Coeur D'Alene River


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Cattails Inspire a Jasper Pendant



It happened purely by happenstance, but my dream home has two things in its landscape that I've always loved:  cattails and weeping willows.  Both take me to a more innocent time.

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Wordless Wednesday - Wisteria

Wordless Wednesday - Moment of Zen

Wordless Wednesday - The Heady Scent of Lilacs

Wordless Wednesday - Happy Mother's Day from a new Gaggle

Example is not the main is the only thing
Today I linked up with:

The Birds and the Bees are Back Doing It

Pride of MadeiraPride of Maderia Echium fastuosum

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Focusing on Life, Weeks 49-52

Saying goodbye is our final photography challenge for the Focus on Life 2013 prompt series hosted by Sally of The Studio Sublime.

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Wordless Wednesday - Doe. a Deer. a Female Deer

Does in foggy morning
(You can thank me for the earworm later.)

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Focusing on Life, Week 44: A True Trick or Treat Story

You have arrived at week 44 of Focus on Life, hosted by Sally of the Studio Sublime.
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