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Honey in the Hive

Springer Spaniel

Not taking my life's blessings for granted has always been important to me. It has been a way to counter a negative act or feeling with something positive, which often would erase or at least put things in perspective for me.  Remembering even the little sweet things that happen puts me in a peaceful loved and loving frame of mind.

Rather than make this a task that must repeat each week or I'll feel guilty, not the way to go obviously!, you may find a post from time-to-time titled Honey in the Hive.  Those, like this one, will be my gratitude posts.

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Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my followers from me and my studio pa

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Holiday Thanks Continues

Customer Appreciation Sale continues through December 31, 2010!

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Previous Customers Get Some Love

If I had a retail shop selling jewelry that others made and you shopped with me, I would appreciate your patronage a lot, a whole lot.

Carnelian, Painted Jasper, Ocean Jasper artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Painted Desert artisan necklace (SOLD) 

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Welcome to my New Followers

I'm humbled and excited with a bit of nervous energy with the new followers who have joined me lately.  I have got so many new posts planned on my travels, local news, and of course updates on what's going on in my studio.  I hope to live up to your expectations and make it worthwhile stopping by.  I love comments and your stories.  They inspire me and sometimes touch me deeply with the connection we're making via cyberspace!

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I am part of all who I have met - Cynthia Rutledge

For some time I've been wanting to give my thanks and kudos to the teachers I've had that started me on this path to creativity and addiction. This isn't about those un-sung heroes who encouraged me, praised me, and required me to pass their college prep classes many years ago. Those teachers played a part in who I am for sure. They were my saviors, along with my friends, during a difficult time in my childhood.

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Genuine Positive Feedback Feeds One's Soul for a Long Time

Simple Pinecone pendants

My neighbor who commissioned the necklaces for his young female co-workers has given them their gi

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