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Hot as Fire

Plume Agate jewelry

Phoenix Rising

Wingate Pass Plume Agate, glass cabochon by Mikelene Reusse, reticulated silver, sterling silver, copper


Using one's voice is empowering.  Getting past the overbearing or over critical parent, spouse, boss, co-worker, friend, etc. and using your own voice is freedom.  It also benefits us all to hear your unique spin based on your experiences and inner being.  You just might have the answer we've been waiting for or the light that reaches the darkest soul.

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Mixing Mediums in Jewelry

Artisan Pendant

Catch a Wave

Ceramic oval by Lisa Peters Russ, pyratized ammonite cut by Gary Wilson; both set in sterling silver


Just like one might mix color or texture one can mix component mediums to create a special piece of jewelry.  I find it fun looking for those components that magically go together from my stash.  It's like they've been patiently waiting to find their mate.

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Magical Nature Inspired Pendants

Nature inspired necklace

Rainforest Talisman

(Damele Turquoise, Labradorite, Epidote in Basalt)

(personal collection)


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Ocean Jasper Mimics Nature

Ocean Jasper Pendant

I Promised You a Rose Garden

Baryte Rose, Ocean Jasper, Sterling Silver pendant


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