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Kiss the Frogs - Third's a Charm

Leap of Faith (left)

It's a Frog's Life (upper right) SOLD

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Kokanee - Bracelet inspired by Salmon Spawning

Kokanee are land-locked sockeye salmon.  They spend their entire lives in fresh water.  Because of that they don't get very big, but they die after spawning in the tradition of most salmon.

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It's a Frog's Life highlighted in a One of a Kind Necklace

Carnelian and Chalcedony Frog necklace


I loved working on him, as his colors were so inspiring. 


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Dogwood Necklace for Strength

One of the pieces I just finished is my Strength Necklace or Dogwood Necklace.

Leap of Faith: a one of a kind Artisan Necklace

Frog Statement Necklace
Sometime this past winter I dreamed of a necklace that would feature a frog bead and a beaded spiral.  I think of the spiral like the wild happy leap they make.

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P is for Public Art #atozchallenge

A Duo of Nature Inspired Necklaces

Bird Artisan Necklace

focal - Humblebeads polymer

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