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Fine Silver Tube Bead Bracelets

Artisan Bracelet

Layers - Fordite and Fine Silver bracelet



In creating bracelets for my shop I dug through some fine silver beads I'd made a few years ago when I was doing more metal clay work.   (You can read more on my blog about metal clay if you go to this blog post.) 

A few of these beads inspired 3 new bracelets that I adore.

The first couple are inspired by the earth, while the last is inspired by the sea.


Turquoise and Silver bracelet

Summer Capture

Turquoise and silver bracelet


Fine Silver Artisan Bracelet



Apatite, glass and silver bracelet

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An Ancient Bee Googled its way to Me

Roaring ever Louder!


The stars must be aligning just right, because my little baby has gotten another feature!  RiskyBeads selected her to be part of her Fresh Squeezed Tuesday.  I am honored!!

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Fine Silver - what does it mean?

Forest Brooch by Honey from the Bee

Forest Walk


Forest Walk is a brooch I've created in PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and a Fine Silver bezel.  Both PMC and Fine Silver are practically synonymous except in their original form.  PMC, a brand name for one of the metal clays on the market, is composed of fine silver (99.9% pure silver) and an organic binder that burns off in my kiln, leaving just the fine silver.  Sterling Silver, as you probably know, is an alloy of 92.5% silver and other metals, usually copper. 

Acorn Pendant by Honey from the Bee

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New Techniques and Materials

This past weekend I spent in Oakland, California at a jewelers' retreat called Bay Area Bead Extravaganza, or BABE for short. It's a real treat to go to one of these as you're surrounded by creativity, positive energy and joy. Spending time with like-minded individuals is relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Learning something new is always something that gets me up and to also have the chance to shop in a vendor hall filled with a myriad of tools, stones and beads...

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