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Get it Together Thursday - Knitting Corner

Knitting Accessories Collage

Knitting Corner

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Weave or Knit a Scarf? - Results Similar but Not the Same

 Read on if your pulse quickens at the photograph below.
Knitted and Woven scarves

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Designing Jewelry is Not what I do to Relax

I absolutely love my time in my studio designing, bending, hammering, drilling, squeezing, threading, etc., but it's not what I do to relax.  When I'm working on a piece of jewelry it takes all of my focus and attention.  It's why time flies and it's dinner time before I've even started thinking about preparing it!

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What I do When I'm not Creating Jewelry

For the first 6-7 years of marriage, when someone would call in the evening and ask my husband what I was doing he'd say "not sure, but I think she's knittin'."

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