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Focusing on Life, Week 47: Centerpiece

Wow, where did the time go?   Only 5 more weeks in Sally's Focus on Life photography challenge blog hop!
This week we are tasked with taking a photo of the central part of our life.

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Little River Rug Camp, Here I Come!

Grandmother's Hooked Rug by Janet Bocciardi

Grandmother's Rug

Designed by Jane McGown Flynn; Color planned by Nancy Miller; Hooked by me!

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Wordless Wednesday - Happy Halloween from Our House to Yours

Happy Halloween!
Today I linked up with:

Wordless Wednesday: Moose and his Piggie

Y is for Yawn and some Yarn #atozchallenge

English Springer Spaniel yawning
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T is for Toes #atozchallenge

...and my Total readiness to wear sandals again!

Paws and barefeet

Well pedicured bare feet

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D is for the Dogs #atozchallenge

Dog in Barcelona

Perro in Barcelona

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Honey in the Hive: Half a Century of a Doggone Good Life

Daisy, English Springer Spaniel
Happy 10th Birthday Daisy!

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Focusing on Life, Week 9: Knock, Knock

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