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Berry-licious Design Challenge

The past few weeks I've signed up for several blog hop challenges and I'll be reveali

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Chandeliers Inspire New Earrings

Globe Chandelier Earrings

Globe Chandelier Earrings - SOLD

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Flower Child Earrings and Other Bullet Casings

Ocean Dreams inspire Earrings for the Summer

Focusing on Life, Week 17: Color!

Iris and Poppies
Did you ever notice the way color can effect our mood and perception of the environment around us? 
Colors can elevate our mood or change our perception of an object.  Bright vivid colors can make us feel po

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A is for April Fools #atozchallenge

Arghhhh has this been a challenge!  

My 2013 Pantone Spring

Daffodils just coming up

There are signs of Spring already in Northern California.  Our daffodils are pushing up shoots and rainbows are appearing as grey clouds come and go.

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New Festive Earrings for the Holidays

Earrings for Cancer Thrivers