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An Ancient Bee Googled its way to Me

Finnishing a Challenging Commission

Get it Together Thursday - Seaside Vacation

ocean inspired fashion and jewelry

This fashion storyboard was inspired by a childhood memory.  

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Celebrating Independence Day with Friendship

A guild I belong to, the Pacific Northwest ArtFire Guild, had a challenge to create something in the theme of Independence Day. Since we include British Columbia in our guild, Independence Day rather than the Fourth of July seemed appropriate.

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What is the Largest Living Structure on Earth?

Do you know?  I couldn't recall, but do remember now hearing this before. It's not the Giant Sequoias, which are the largest trees on earth in terms of volume at greater than 42,500 cubic feet!  It's not the Blue Whale that can weigh as much as 180 metric tons and is the largest animal to ever have lived on Earth.  The clue is in the word structure. 

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Roaring ever Louder!


The stars must be aligning just right, because my little baby has gotten another feature!  RiskyBeads selected her to be part of her Fresh Squeezed Tuesday.  I am honored!!

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