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Don't Rain on My Parade

Those of us selling our handmade work online have to do our own marketing.  In a sea of worldwide competition it often seems like I'm barely treading water.  Getting noticed often means a lot of networking and in some cases advertising.  None of that is really what we artists and crafters want to do.  We want to just have time to dream and create. 

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Worn Tiles, Fleur-de-lis and Blue-Greens

Mediterranean Artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Why do you have to have all this stuff in your studio asks my husband?  Well, actually "stuff" is not the word he uses.

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Port Angeles' Last Dam Summer!


"Long before corporations like Enron and Global Crossing made headlines with accusations of greed and impropriety, there was Olympic Power and Development."

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For the Love of a Dog - Mourning Necklace

Victorian style Mourning Necklace for the Love of a Dog by Honey from the Bee
I've had at least one dog in my life most of my life.  The furry, friendly, funny, four legged variety that is. 

It wasn't until my hu

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Northwest Spring Mixed-Media Necklace is Born

Northwest Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee
When you can start with a Lisa Peters' stoneware cabachon one cannot help but be inspired!  After playing around with many different colors of seed be

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Gulf Oil Spill Inspires Artisan Necklaces

Evil Eye Artisan Necklace

Like hundreds of thousands of folks throughout the U.S. I have been crushed and horrified by the damage caused by man's greed and our dependence on a fuel source that quite literally is destroying lives.  The worst of man's nature and the best continues to play out in the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm afraid and so sorry that it will play out well into our children's children's lifetimes and perhaps beyond.  We need clean renewable energy now!  Are you listening lawmakers?!

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Valentine's Day Giveaway!

That's right, I'm giving a Valentine gift to one of my fans!!

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And One for Me

A number of people have asked me how I part with jewelry I've made, especially when it's obvious the creation of it was so personal. Well, as other designers know, you can't keep everything.

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Wild and No Longer Damned