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My New Love: Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver rings
I'm back from another weekend workshop taught by the fabul

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Flower Child Earrings and Other Bullet Casings

Who Won the Enameling Book?

Torch enameled pendants and charms

Torch enameling experiments

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Fingers Burning to Get to Torch Enameling Class

A few years ago I took a fun class from Richard Salley at ArtFest up here in Port Townsend.  We were primarily making lockets, but he'd started experimenting with torch enameling and brought his whole shebang with him for us to try.  btw, if you don't know, Richard is a fabulous teacher.  He's generous with his knowledge and very encouraging.Although I love my locket it was the torch enameling that was tickling my muse.

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Book Review: Jewelry lab

I just received my latest jewelry technique book and it's titled "Jewelry lab"  by Melissa Manley.  

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Carrying a Torch for my new Favorite Jewelry Book

I've been signed up to take one of Barbara Lewis' enameling classes in Portland for awhile now.

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First Semester Small Metals Class in a Book!

Well almost!  I have a lot of jewelry books in my library.  Not only books on artists and styles I love like Ramona Solberg  and Art Nouveau,  but also many books on process like Tim McCreight's The Complete Metalsmith.

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For the Love of a Dog - Mourning Necklace

Victorian style Mourning Necklace for the Love of a Dog by Honey from the Bee
I've had at least one dog in my life most of my life.  The furry, friendly, funny, four legged variety that is. 

It wasn't until my hu

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