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Focusing on Life, Week 39: Your Best Shot

No pressure there, Sally!
Moose in our garden
Sally challenged us this week to present our best s

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Kokanee - Bracelet inspired by Salmon Spawning

Kokanee are land-locked sockeye salmon.  They spend their entire lives in fresh water.  Because of that they don't get very big, but they die after spawning in the tradition of most salmon.

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Focusing on Life, Week 38: A Quiet Moment

What's that?
This week Sally's weekly prompt for us participating in the Focus on Life series is:  A Quiet Moment.
Deck at lake house

Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, but Words Hurt, too

Sticks and Stones bracelet

Sticks and Stones statement bracelet

For some my new unisex artisan bracelet may just bring back memories of that childhood rhyme: 

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Berry-licious Design Challenge

The past few weeks I've signed up for several blog hop challenges and I'll be reveali

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Wordless Wednesday - Sunset Bonfire

Sunset over Idaho lake.
Today I linked up to: